BIG, a multinational beverage brand owned by AJE is a soft drink brand that acts without limits. BIG offers a range of flavoured carbonated fruit drinks, juices, energy drinks and water.

We believe in a bigger world. Where people dream bigger, go further, enjoy the good things in life and grow and prosper together.

We want to be part of making this dream a reality.

By Inspiring, empowering and transforming a world without limits.

We bring inspiration, enjoyment and quality to people around the world, encouraging them to aspire to do better things. By anticipating consumers’ desires, and through innovation, we create new markets and segments. By challenging conventions and pursuing opportunities for growth, we fulfill our own Bigger World Dreams.

Our business model empowers our consumers, partners and employees to grow and prosper with us. By creating jobs and supporting entrepreneurs and independent businesses we seek to enhance the opportunities and well being of people wherever we operate.

All Products of BIG brand are manufactured by ICE BEVERAGES PVT LTD. Anutham EXIM PVT LTD in Kolkata, India is wholely subsiding company of ICE BEVERAGES to sell and market the BIG brand products in Eastern India

Our Values

Global Brand

BIG Cola is considered as the 3rd most sold carbonated soft drinks worldwide. Our Products are selling in more than 24 countries worldwide. With a great response from local consumers. In fact, all flavors developed for India were tailored according to benchmark of market.

Quality Assurance

We do have BIG in cola, orange and lemon lime flavors for each consumption occasion. Cifrut Juice is available in mango, passion fruit, orange and peach flavors. In terms of packaging the quality of product is also really good.

Value For Money

We are the best value for your money. We do have high quality of products at affordable prices. For our Retailers and Distributors, we give Better Margins than Competitors.

Business Opportunities

We offer different kind of business opportunities in various areas. if want to know more, can Contact with Us.

Long Term Relationship

BIG Cola has come to stay. We are looking for long-term relationships with our customers even Retailers and Distributors.